Mr Mohamed Elbotaty


Mr Elbotaty served as a Director of an Islamic School in Sydney. Working in an Executive Leadership role for just under a decade he led and managed the IBDP program and K-12 curriculum in a multi-campus International Islamic school in Kuwait. He also chairs accreditation teams for evaluating international schools and is an examiner for the IBDP. Mr Elbotaty holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Sydney, a Bachelor of Teaching & Master of Educational Leadership from Charles Sturt University. He is in the process of completing his PhD at Curtin University. 
Mr Elbotaty’s experience and professional interest is in leading school-wide programs such as Positive Behaviour Interventions & Support (PBIS), Strategic Planning, Data Driven Instruction for Literacy & Numeracy, Professional Development, Approaches to Teaching & Learning, and Technology Transformation.