Assistant Principal (Pastoral Care)

Ms Manal Jneid

Bachelor of Science Degree


Mrs Manal Jneid has been a teacher since 2016 at Al-Ameen College. She has completed higher education courses relating to teaching, strategic leadership and management, counselling and Islamic studies and currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree specialising in Sports & Health Studies.

Ms Jneid has taught physical education and health at the secondary level and Islamic studies at the kindergarten and pre-primary levels. She has wide experience in classroom management and delivering regular professional development for staff at Al-Ameen college.

In her role as Coordinator: Pastoral Coordinator for the past year, Ms Jneid has engaged directly with students for all year groups building trust and effective relationships with students, parents and staff. As Assistant Principal: Pastoral Care, Ms Jneid now provides pastoral care services to all students responsible for their welfare, wellbeing and development. Her role includes accessing and delivering personal development programmes so as to support staff, students and parents, in achieving the College's expectations of creating a position state of welling for the College community.

Ms Jneid has been actively involved in the Islamic community, including membership of various educational, religious and cultural associations to develop cross cultural understandings. She has provided help to victims of domestic violence and counselling services to other Muslim women struggling with everyday problems. Manal has attended international conferences in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok and Sydney, to increase her understanding of the challenges faced by Muslim women across the world and in Australia.