Senior School

Year 11-12

In Years 11 and 12, our students undertake a diverse range of ATAR and General Courses of Study as outlined by the Schools’ Curriculum and Standards Authority as well as nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training certificate courses. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of courses, to provide opportunities and experiences for our students that will better enable them to succeed once they complete their schooling. Whether they are aiming towards tertiary education, further training or employment, Al-Ameen College will help them to prepare for their post-secondary pathway. If a student wishes to enrol in ATAR courses, they must be approved by the Head of Students Services.

The course options in senior school are varied and discussions with parents, teachers, counsellors and others are very important. Students and parents are advised to make themselves familiar with the contents of the Academic Handbook and other information available to them. The Handbook contains information to help students decide which pathways and courses to study in Years 11 and 12. Our senior school students are young adults, and as such, are expected to take greater responsibility for their own learning and decisions. The school works hard to support students and encourages success, by monitoring student progress, working with parents and guardians and providing quality teaching. Parents are encouraged to attend information sessions and be active participants in subject counselling and interviews. This guidance and support will enable students to make informed choices and plan for their future. The Senior School curriculum builds on the foundation laid by the academic programs offered in Middle School. In Senior School we fine-tune those skills by offering students a wide range of learning experiences and the support of enthusiastic teachers who are there to listen, advise and inspire. Our students are encouraged to strive for educational excellence, endeavouring to achieve to the best of their ability and are well prepared to achieve the WACE Certificate and a pathway to University, TAFE or the workforce.

The College provides a range of courses for those choosing the Tertiary (ATAR) Pathway and a variety of courses and certificates for those choosing the Vocational (General) Pathway, assisting students with the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and ambitions. We aim for each student to experience academic challenge and rigour throughout their time at the School, and we also ensure that the pathways open to students are individually tailored and appropriate. To this end, in Years 11 and 12, students have the opportunity to choose from a total of 29 different ATAR, and General Courses of Study. We also have students studying nationally-recognised Vocational Education and Training certificate courses; a Certificate II in Community Services and a Certificate II in Business Studies. All the secondary pathways are built upon the strong foundations set in the primary school. The majority of Year 11 and 12 students at Al-Ameen College undertake an ATAR pathway. Our selection of ATAR Courses of Study ensures students have the opportunity to study a selection of courses that match their own aspirations for tertiary entrance, including any course that is a university prerequisite.  Al-Ameen College has a close relationship with iVET with whom we auspice.

Our Senior School students receive positive support from committed teachers and in most cases small classes. Our students benefit from the close attention that smaller numbers in classes afford and are well prepared for the rigours of further study at a Tertiary level, or entry into the workplace. Students also enjoy the pastoral care and support from Form Teachers during these pressure-filled final years of their schooling. Students have the full support of a close-knit and caring team of staff who are committed to helping them set and achieve their goals, in the hope of bringing this stage of their learning journey to a rewarding conclusion – and prepare them for whatever calling they may have in the future.