Change of College Name

Langford Islamic College (LIC) was established in 2004. The property, site of Langford Primary School, was purchased by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) from the WA Department of Education. As a centre to serve the educational needs of the Perth Muslim community in the Langford area, our College had humble beginnings, with just 16 students and ten staff. Since the initial establishment of the College, we have faced challenges of changing infrastructure development, governance and regulatory requirements, in order to continue delivering high quality secular and Islamic education. The school has grown to currently accommodate more than 1,100 students and 120 staff. The recent opening of the new Learning Centre, including a state-of-the-art language centre, art studio and science labs, demonstrates a further stage of maturity for our College, as we aspire to remain a leader in private school education in Western Australia, Insha-Allah.

The next stage in ongoing strategic development of the College is preparation for opening a second campus in the northern suburbs of Perth. As part of this process, the College Board decided that a name change would more appropriately reflect the wider geographical extent of our school community. The process for changing the College name involved a competition held across the school community, to invite suggestions for a new name. A short list was presented to the Board and the preferred option unanimously agreed by Board members.

Al-Ameen College was chosen as the new name. The name Al-Ameen, meaning The Trustworthy One is consistent with our vision and ethos. This name is not simply a description of our prophet the great messenger of Islam, Muhammed – peace and blessings be upon him. It is an entire system of life, the way that we have been ordered and nurtured by the light of divine revelation and scripture. The aim of achieving trustworthiness is to find balance within our self and within all that we live amongst. Our hope is to model the behaviour of the great saviour of humanity our Messenger Muhammed sala Allahu alihi wasSalam by following his illuminate, moderate path. It is the way of prophethood to surrender to God and be of compassion, love, equity, fairness, and justice; to give when others withhold; to share when others refuse; to build when others tear down; and to carry on when others lose hope. Al-Ameen defines us.

The name Al-Ameen College has been formally adopted in 2021, and internet references and communications will be redirected to
All other contact details remain the same, including telephone contact (08) 9458 5206.