We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your child at Al-Ameen College and we look forward to developing a long and happy relationship with your family.

Al-Ameen College is an independent, co-curricular school providing a rich curriculum underpinned by Islamic values. Al-Ameen College is an independent college offering a Kindergarten to Year 12 learning journey that tailors curriculum to the needs of the individual.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family makes. At Al-Ameen College, our enrolment process is designed around this knowledge and is aimed at offering you high quality information to aid them in making a decision that ideally offers the best possible fit within our educational niche.

Our Enrolment Officer is available to assist with all aspects of the enrolment process for prospective families. You can contact enrolments directly by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 9458 5206 to obtain an information pack which includes an application form, curriculum overview and a fees and charges schedule.

Prior to making an application for enrolment, we strongly encourage you to attend a school tour which can be arranged by contacting the school. These are normally held at the beginning of the year.

To place your child’s name on the school’s waiting list, an application form will need to be completed, and returned to the school together with a prescribed deposit, and the applicable supporting documentation. The school will only progress the application once all conditions of the application process are met and required information received.

Parents are encouraged to register an application well in advance of the calendar year of admission for their child as we generally receive more applications than we have places to offer in any given year.

Families are selected for interview based on the College Enrolment Policy and interviews are conducted where required.

Al-Ameen College Fee Schedule | 2022


Tuition Fees for 2022




per annum

Pre-Primary, Years 1 - 6


per annum

High School (Years 7 - 12)


per annum

International/Temporary Residents - 1 Child Fee




Per Term

Pre-Primary - Year 6


Per Term

High School


Per Term

Compulsory Building Levy - Annual

Kindergarten – Year 12


Family with 1 Child

Family with 2 Children

Family with 3+ Children




Sibling Discounts


Fees - Per School Term


First Child

Second Child

Third Child





Pre-Primary, Years 1 - 6




High School (Years 7 - 12)




 For the fourth child onward families will not be charged tuition fees but the concession is only applicable for children in primary school (Pre-primary to Year 6)

General Levies - Annual


Kindergarten & Pre-Primary Photocopy Levy


Islamic Studies Workbook Levy - Years 1 - 10


Arabic Workbook Levy - Year 3 to Year 10


Education Perfect Levy


Year 3 to Year 6


Year 7 to Year 10






Bus Fees - Kindergarten to Year 12


Per School Term



*A 5% discount is applicable on Tuition Fees if full year fee is paid by 28 February 2022

 A 10% discount is applicable on Tuition Fees for parents who furnish their health care card, concession card or pensioner card to the Accounts Office.  For further information on School Fee Policy, please refer to the school website.       

Payment of Accounts:

Annual invoices will be issued prior to Term 1 and payable by the due date. If families are unable to meet this requirement, contact should be made with the Accounts Department prior to the due date to discuss payment options. For amounts overdue where no suitable response has been received by the end of one month after the fees due date, the matter will be passed on to the Business Manager for consideration. All costs associated with debt collection will be passed onto the family concerned.