High Achievers Awards

Students are taught to strive for success. Success is attained by harnessing all of our talents, resources and opportunities to the fullest of our capabilities. Islam provides teachings that offer a balanced use of all that ultimately results in the promise of eternal happiness in the afterlife, while building the best version of yourself as an individual and a becoming successful in this life.

Our students are taught that they have the responsibility to make many choices and that their decisions have a realised impact on themselves and others, now and into the future.

Our students are expected to be in control of their behaviours, attitude, and thoughts at all times. This constant struggle over self-control is a process of self-purification from a spiritual dimension, and of discipline from a material one. This ongoing tension means that all of our interactions with the world are opportunities for (spiritual as well as material) improvement.

Repeated practice creates habits (or rituals), and habits are easier to follow because they are more comfortable and can sometimes even become a second nature or unconscious. The deeper experience lies in the belief and value system we have for ourselves that we teach to our students with love & compassion. 

 At Al-Ameen College, to be disciplined means to follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. All students learn lessons in regularity, punctuality, mindfulness, attentiveness to teachers, empathy for others, good conduct and citizenship and ethics. Coupled with this is the ardent implementation of Islamic values and virtues. A disciplined environment is one of the most important requirements of progress. It is the high standard of discipline at the College that has enabled the successes achieved.