Al-Ameen College 2021 Harmony Day Celebration

Harmony Day was celebrated at Al-Ameen College on Friday,19th March 2021. Students were dressed in their colorful cultural costumes/dress, representing the mix of our students. This event showcased the rich diversity of cultures in our school. Harmony Day is all about celebrating our differences, embracing new cultures, and making sure everyone has a sense of belonging in our school and in the broader Australian Society.

A big thank you to the primary school staff and students for their presentations and their colourful displays in the gymnasium to demonstrate and to celebrate our diversity. Early childhood also celebrated Harmony Day filled with activities and creative decorations which adorned their classrooms. The whole school community had a memorable day recognising our unity in diversity.

Our High School Debating Club presented a speech and a poem recital, under the directorship of Br Khayyam.

In remembrance of all those lost in the Christchurch shooting, Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim held a memorial service highlighting the days after the shooting and the religious leaders that visited the two mosques and families.